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Sensory Bins with Pasta

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Cooked or uncooked pasta is one of our most favorite sensory bin fillers!  We used pasta to create our colorful spring sensory bin!

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We bring you this post about cooked and uncooked sensory bins as a part of Little Bins for Little Hands' 40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers.

For this Easter themed spring sensory bin, we dyed acini di pepe pasta in rainbow colors.  This was four or five boxes of pasta to fill our large bin but I always wait for the pasta to go on sale and I generally keep any dry sensory bin fillers that we create.

We added our rainbow rabbits, plastic eggs, colorful pompoms, and an ice cube tray.  Right away, my preschool daughter E took to color matching in the ice cube tray.

Next she filled one of the plastic eggs with pasta to create her own shaker egg!  Picking up the tiny pasta was great practice for her pincer grasp.

Shake, shake, shaking the egg to hear the sound that the pasta made inside!  It sounds different with the pompoms in it!

I asked E to play the "Feed the Bunny" game by filling up the tray with the pompoms that matched the rabbit. Once she finished this task, she counted and compared the amount of pompoms for each color discussing the words most, least, more, and less.

She engaged in pretend play as she fed her horse Sunflower the pasta for his meal.  I love her imagination!

We took turns creating and continuing patterns together.  We managed to get all of this learning and sensory play in while toddler D took his (oh, so short lately) nap.  

When he did wake up this was his reaction to the bin.  He finally took a tentative feel, picked out a pompom, and that was the end of his sensory exploration.

In dying the pasta for this bin I accidentally colored some a bit too dark so I hope you'll follow our Pinterest board on Sensory Play to what I decided to do with the oops pasta in a future post as well as all sensory play ideas that inspire us!

There are several methods used to dye uncooked pasta.  You can use Happy Hooligan's alcohol free method which we sometimes use or read about the method I've been using of how to dying pasta for play since I was a child myself.

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  1. I'm not very creative when it comes to pasta play so I love seeing these ideas! So much inspiration :)
    Thank you for hosting!

    1. Thank you! Let us know if you try any of these or think of different ones that we haven't tried yet!