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Outside Water Painting - From E to D Version 2.0 Series

Painting with water is a classic outdoor play and fine motor activity for the youngest children! We tried this activity when E was D's age so we are revisiting it again! 

This post is the launch of a series called From E to D Version 2.0 where we will look back at activities E did when she was D's age then set up the same invitations for him. Some of the activities were posted here but some I weren't so they will be all new content!

In the summer of 2011 when E was 1 1/2 I encouraged her to paint with water. (This series will also showcase how different my photography and writing is two years later as I cringe to re-share that post with you!)

Three years later here is 16 month old D investigating the invitation to paint with water outside!

Redoing these activities is guaranteed to highlight the similarities and difference between the kids. D took a lot longer to swirl, splash, and play in the water using the brush first as a tool rather than a writing implement. 

It is also very fun to see what E does with the invitation now as a preschooler versus what she did as a toddler! D's engagement and activity might change depending what she models. Here she was writing sentences.

Both E and D ended up painting their feet! They loved the sensory exploration involved! And they were both using their left hands!

D tried out different size brushes to see if they felt the same on his skin. What a calming, soothing exercise.

I love this image of them meeting their brushes in together to touch! It speaks volumes about what this series will portray!

Have your children painted outside with water? It's a mess free and easy to set up play idea that keeps them busy!

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