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Alphabet Sensory Bin

This alphabet sensory bin is a huge favorite of both my preschooler and toddler! It solely contains various letter manipulatives and provided endless literacy opportunities for matching, comparing, and sorting letters.
This alphabet sensory bin is a hands on way for kids to match, compare, and sort letters!  The literacy activities are endless!

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We filled our literacy sensory bin with hundreds of alphabet manipulatives to provide a variety of textures, colors, and sizes. We'll share links to what materials we included at the end of this post after we show you the fun and learning that occurred!

I love activities that hold both of our kids' interests simultaneously. I was especially excited by my toddler's enthusiasm as he has refused recent sensory play invitations with rainbow pasta and our spring sensory bin

He was so interested that he pushed me out of the way to explore. He has an intense interest in letters and loves when we identify them for him on shirts, books, and anywhere else. He will mimic us by pointing at letters and saying, "Uhhh. Ehhhh. Awwww." This is exactly what he started doing with our alphabet sensory bin!

Our preschooler began her play by sorting letters. She compared the color and size of the ones in her collection. 

I set out large egg carton trays which they soon used for sorting. Our preschooler reviewed alphabetical order.

After observing his sister's work, our toddler began working on one to one correspondence with a mini muffin tray. I love how he chose only the foam letter toys for his project.

We spelled sight words with various types of letters. The ability to recognize words in a variety of fonts is an important early reading skill.

Our toddler used his whole body to investigate the letters. He is a kinesthetic learner for sure! He actually cried when I put the bin away for the day. I would say that's a sign that this sensory activity is a keeper!

What We Included in our Alphabet Sensory Bin:

What letter toys would you add to your bin?
We'd love to hear your ideas or see a picture!

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  1. How fun!!! I know my daughter and the daycare girls would LOVE this! Thanks!