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Christmas Lights on the Light Table

We love simple invitations to explore with vibrant and beautiful colored water! For this holiday themed fine motor activity we colored Christmas lights on the light table!

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We always tint our water with gel food coloring with such lovely results! Mixing the dye into the water is another fine motor invitation that kids can't resist. Our preschooler E stirred as I was distributing the coloring and water into glasses.

Next I set out Christmas lights candy molds on our ALEX Toys Prism Light Center. We added eye droppers to the glasses of colored water to require E to practice her pincer grasp as she worked. She is strengthening her pencil grip while playing without even knowing it!

She deemed this activity the "best project ever," which she has said several times over the course of our homeschooling but I always take that as the biggest compliment possible as her teacher and momma!

Once she had completed one side as a rainbow she asked to experiment with color mixing. The results were mesmerizing!

We oohed and aahed as the drops fell and swirled in the water! She had to be so precise in squeezing and releasing the eye dropper to complete this transformation of color yet the work was engaging and beautifully rewarding.

You could certainly try this color mixing fine motor invitation to explore without a light table. Just set the candy mold on a white paper towel or material to show the colors brilliantly! 

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  1. How pretty! Great practice with concentration too, it looks like!