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Bringing Snow Inside for Sensory Play

Snow is a plentiful and free resource for sensory play where we live but at times it's just too cold to keep the little ones outside for long. We often bring snow inside for fine motor and sensory play!

It finally snowed this winter!  We were so excited to bundle up and head outside together except our two-year-old E refused to keep her mittens on and then she cried because her hands were so cold.  

We compromised by bringing the snow inside for a frozen tea party!  I put the snow in a glass baking dish and added plastic spoons, scoops, cups, and saucers.

We practiced mixing, scooping, and spooning.  We talked about how the snow looked and felt.  We reported to Daddy that it was cold, wet, and white. We even tasted it a little! 

It was much more fun to play with the snow in our pajamas inside than to wear our mittens and not be able to feel it.

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