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Snowman Abstract Art

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After we scooped cotton balls for fine motor practice, we gave them to the kids to make a snowman on blue paper.  This was E's first time with glue!

We gave them paper hats and let them choose their own googly eyes.  I really enjoy when kids pick two different sizes!  We used sequins for buttons and decorations.

The glue was a sensory experience, too!  I love art that focuses on the process and not the product.

The kids had to aim their cotton balls right at the glue dots and then press down with their little hands practicing fine motor control.

Here is the finished art!  E's is the one on the bottom right.  I love how hilarious artistic they all turned out!

Kids' ages: 13 months - 2 1/2 years


  1. Absolutely adorable artwork and idea. I love that you post all these special times so that I feel a part of it too. Keep up the great ideas.

  2. Love the blog, love your ideas, love you!

  3. I love them! So simple and yet no doubt - those are snowmen!!!

  4. I *LOVE* this - thank you for sharing!

  5. I love all these ideas. Working with my 5 yr twin grandkids, it's really fun to see how different the results can be.