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Small Gestures, Lasting Impacts

A friend taught us to make heart shaped crayon valentines!  She suggested we use mostly shades of violet for a subtle, crafty way to remember our sweet girl on this holiday.  I love the result.

My friends and family are getting me through my grief.  They are carrying me as the weeks turn into months since her death. It never ceases to amaze me how uplifted I can be by a thoughtful suggestion that honors, remembers, represents our baby V.

Another friend who made E's 2nd birthday cake dyed some of the cake batter purple.  She told me this piece was for V.  That gesture made me smile through my tears for weeks.  I had been having such a hard day unexpectedly when E's birthday arrived, sad that V wasn't there to celebrate with us.  This friend didn't know that, but she was sweet enough to just think to include both my babies as we celebrated another year of E's life.

Back to the DIY melted crayon tutorial: We got together the other day for what she called a "parenting in-service."  We worked on some Valentine projects, ate lunch, let the kids play, recharged.  It truly takes a village to not only raise a child, but to encourage the parents as well.

Here's how you can make the crayons, too!

1.  Peel some old crayons.  Crayola crayons work best!

2.  Break or chop the crayons into small pieces.  This can be a great job for tiny fingers to work on fine motor skills, but our helpers were busy playing so we chopped the crayons ourselves!

3.  Put the crayon pieces in a baking dish thinking about what colors you're using and placing together.  I loved the silver/purple combination.  The kids were great at this step!

We used a silicone heart baking dish.  I've seen these before at Target in the dollar section!  Next time I'll grab one with this project in mind.

4.  Put the crayons in the oven at 250 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes, checking periodically.

Nope, not quite done.  Resist the urge to stir and or inhale the delicious scent of warm crayons.  Then again, that could just be the teacher in me.

Perfect!  They're done!

5.  Let cool (pop in the refrigerator if the toddlers are getting restless and it's almost nap time) and then pop out of the mold.  

We made labels for these that said:
You COLOR my world!
Love, E

Such a perfect gift for valentines day that helped melt my heart in the process as well!  


  1. Those are adorable heart crayons. And next time I go to England I'm going to get you the largest box of violet creams they'll let me bring back on the plane, because a beautiful sweet girl should be honored in many ways, including with beautiful delicious sweets.

  2. So cute and what a wonderful idea for all the holidays.

  3. Adorable!! I did this once with a whole mess of broken crayons I had, but didnt think to do shapes!

  4. Oh, that's neat! I'll have to try that some time!

  5. Awesome craft! Thanks for the step-by-step photos!