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Toddler Kitchen Practice

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This is when I admit that I allow my two year old to use a knife to chop fruits and vegetables and you unsubscribe.  But wait!  I can explain, er justify.

The foods are soft.  The knife is dull.  This is a great task to practice fine motor skills.  She eats better when she takes ownership and pride in the foods prepared because she helped to cook them.

We had baked potatoes for dinner the other night.  I took the left overs out to chop and pan fry for lunch today.  E is standing in her Kitchen Helper.  This is something I lusted after since she first started helping me cook.  We considered trying to make a DIY version, but in the end we just bought one and it has been worth every. single. penny.  She uses it multiple times daily.  

After some exploration, I cut slices for her to chop.

While the potatoes were frying, we moved on to strawberries.

Those were more tempting to just bite.


  1. As always, love your posts and ideas! I love the kitchen helper! ♥ Dot

  2. I admit that I almost passed out when I saw her with a knife in the first photo....but I know you and how involved in teaching her fine motor skills you are and knowing what a great Momma you are, I feel better. I think she may show up on the Food Network someday as a great chef. Love you all.

  3. I get squirrelly if the kids help me cook, but Paul lets them help him a lot. They take turns helping him make pizza, which is a good one: kneading dough, cutting tomatoes and olives with table knives, etc.

  4. Years before I had kids I bought two "kid" knives from Pampered Chef. They are the size of a paring knife but have teeth like a serrated knife, only wider. You can't cut your finger with them-I tried! Now, I finally have kids and they like using them.