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E's First Dentist Visit

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Our dentist recommended that we bring E in when she was 2 1/2 or 3, but since she LOVED her 2 year check up at the pediatrician (she ASKED for her shots) I figured we better just go now while she is interested and open to doctors.  Plus it's dental health month, which is a total coincidence.

Here she is showing her teeth to everyone in the waiting room.

She had fun playing in the kids' room (even though the sign on the door said "kid's room" and irritated me, though technically it was correct while she was the only one in there, she is not the only owner of the room, ahem, okay I'm done) while we waited for our turn.  I had fun listening to a slightly older child discuss baby teeth, big boy teeth, the tooth fairy, and the going rate for a tooth with his mother.

When they called us back, they had me sit in the chair with E laying back on me in my lap.  She had pink, blinged out Snooki-sized sunglasses to wear so she was in her glory.

She was a champ during the brushing, exam, flossing, and fluoride treatment.  She couldn't spit yet, but we'll work on it.

They have token bubble gum machines that give the kids prizes.  She left with two princess stickers, a new pink toothbrush, a temporary tattoo, and a rubber duck covered in hearts.  All in all, a successful first dental visit!

E's age: 25 months

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  1. Awww...so glad she did so well. She is just the perfect patient as she is perfect at everything.