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Baking Soda and Colored Vinegar

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Our allergies are horrible right now.  We haven't gone to any of our regular activities all week since going outside makes us feel so much worse.  And you KNOW I schedule us to frantic busyness.

Last night I was wide awake at 2 am, trying to occupy my mind with what I could do with E today.  I made a list:
- file folder games
- painting a present for Mutti's birthday
- April hand print art for Nana and Mutti
- wash the couch covers and let E jump on the couch while they are drying
- scrub the kitchen floor (hey, E likes to clean)
- experiment with baking soda and colored vinegar

I've seen this on a lot of creative blogs.  You give your kid a dish of baking soda, color vinegar with food coloring, and they use a dropper to make colored mini-fizzes in the dish.

Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm on E's part.  She doesn't feel well.  She did announce each color as I tinted the vinegar.  When she added the vinegar to the baking soda she said, "Bubbles!!!"

We all know what happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar.  But toddlers don't.  Watching her reaction made it exciting for both of us.  Plus adding in the colors let us pretend we were in a science laboratory mixing up concoctions.  She especially liked using the red vinegar because when it landed on the white baking soda, well, you know E.  "Pink!!!!"

We talked about how the dropper worked.  "Squeeze the top, then put it in the vinegar and let go!"  It was a lot easier when I asked her to completely take her hands off and watch it slowly fill with vinegar while it sat in the glass.


  1. Awesome idea :) X would love it!

  2. Zack (age 6) wanted to use his science kit this morning and wouldn't you know it...we're out of color tablets and Daddy the scientist is out of town. Thankfully, I'd read this post and saved the day! We started with red, yellow, and blue and he got to play with mixing the colors in the pan. We added two more vinegar cups so that he could play with the food coloring to add another color. "It's fun to feel them!" was heard was "Look, it makes a rainbow!" It was nice to let him take the lead and use materials that I knew were safe. Thanks for sharing!