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Shaving Cream Painting Marbled Easter Eggs

We painted Easter eggs using washable paint and shaving cream.  They turned out so swirly and marbled!  

1. Start by putting shaving cream on a tray or plate.  Use your hand to level it out making it as flat as you can.  Dribble stripes of paint directly on the shaving cream.  E asked for the colors by name and as you can see she is really proud of her choices.  She was also bouncing with excitement so that's why she's blurry in this picture.

2. Use a tool to swirl the paint into the shaving cream.  We used chop sticks.

Swirl, swirl, swirl!  I love her facial expressions as she concentrates while she works.

3.  Press paper gently onto the shaving cream.  We used construction paper cut into egg shapes but card stock would be great, too.

4.   Lift the paper off the shaving cream.  Let the egg sit for a few minutes.  During this time re-swirl and repeat the process with the rest of your eggs.  We did some eggs with colored paper but I like the white ones best.

5.  Use something to squeegee the shaving cream off the paper.  While I was doing this E was playing in the shaving cream for awhile.  This is the fun part because no matter what the swirls look like on top, you have no idea what the design actually is on the egg.  As you wipe away the shaving cream the paint remains.

Again, I used a chopstick which worked well but you could use a real squeegee or a table knife (side note:  Do you call table knives butter knives?  I wanted to call it a butter knife as we always did growing up but my husband just calls it, "a knife."  Please settle this argument.  I settled on "table knife" so the internet wouldn't make fun of me.)

6.  Wipe off any leftover shaving cream with a paper towel.  Let the eggs finish drying.

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  1. butter knife! Love the outcome!

  2. butter knife! (i love marbled shaving cream painting, too! we did this right on the eggs themselves last easter:

  3. You guys do the coolest projects! We might have to do this, and I bet my 17 year old would have so much fun! I'll let you know how it goes:)

  4. I'm sorry, but THIS is a butter knife:

    1. Hmmm, I wonder who this comment might be from...?

  5. It's a butter knife. If you were to ask for a knife, how would anyone know whether you wanted one for butter or one for steak? He's wrong ;)