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Blog Challenge #4

By Devany | Labels:

Day 4: A habit you wish you didn't have

A few weeks before V was born, Lexi from Purify Salon gave me my first shellac manicure.  It was a french manicure and a gift from Lexi, her mom, and sisters who are like a second family to me.

Having beautiful nails was a nice treat as we waited for the V's birthday to arrive.  Even as I was being checked into the hospital, I kept getting compliments on them.  

Now when I pour back over every detail of her pictures, I think, "Hey, nice nails!"  Try to notice them among the irresistible cuteness that is V's feetsies!  

Have you ever had a Shellac manicure?  It lasts FOREVER and I promise you it does not chip.  I am so hard on my nails, but these continued to look perfect until one finally got too long and broke.  Seriously, no chipping for about 4 weeks (but 2 weeks is average).  ON MY FINGERS.

Shellac is applied like regular polish, but set under a special UV light.  There is no damage to your natural nails.  It takes a bit more work than regular polish to get off, but it's totally manageable even at home (shhhhhh).  

So what is my bad habit?  Well, for some reason, even while I was anticipating the most nerve wracking meeting of my life, I somehow resisted chewing my nails.

Now?  Not so much.  I don't actually bite the nails, though.  I bite the skin around them.  I know.  EW.  Gross.

I have another appointment with Lexi, though, in a week so I need to knock it off!!!

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