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The genetic counselor from Maternal Fetal Medicine called today with our results from our first trimester screen.  They combine the measurements from our ultrasound with blood work taken from me.

 Let the record show that this is the fifth time I've had my blood drawn for this pregnancy and I'm only 11 weeks along.  E is proud of me each time when I don't cry.

1 in 10,000 for Down syndrome.
1 in 2,000 something for Trisomy 13 and 18 combined.

These are really great results considering we had a recurrence risk of 1 in 120 before the test, even though we aren't carriers, just because it happened with V.

I still really hate statistics because last time we were the 1.

They stab me again in 4 weeks to check for gestational diabetes nice and early.  


  1. Sarah M BarnfieldMay 23, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    Sweet, sweet numbers, momma! Makes my heart smile so big for you <3

  2. Oh praise Jesus for those results! (though I know that doesn't remove the nervousness). I remember having Shannon do my scan as well as the blood work. My results came back like yours. I know how scary this time is, and even with "better" odds, I still felt unsure until the day she arrived. I always felt like once a statistic, the greater chance I have of being a statistic again. Prayers continuing for a healthy baby!

  3. :) Such good news. Such good news. I wish that we didn't have to endure the angst and stress - I miss those days of care-free conception and gestation, trusting in the broad knowledge that people have life, healthy babies all of the time. I hope that you're able to lean into these good numbers and relax, enjoying the way that your heart has already grown in the love for this new little being!