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Recent Conversations with E

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Long car rides are now filled with conversations!  What happened to my baby and where did this KID come from?

Me: When we see Uncle Andy where is he taking you?
E: Chuck E Cheese!
Me: And what are you going to do there?
E: Eat pizza and drink...water!
(not sure how she knows they have pizza there...maybe from the commercial?)

E: Gramps likes candy.
Me: Oh, yeah?
E: I like candy, too.  Momma like candy?
Me: Yes.
E: Dadda like candy.
Me: Do you know anyone who doesn't like candy?
E: (thinks about it) Eli (our cat) no like candy!
Me: Right!  What does Eli like?
E: Cat food!

E: Baby robot (R2D2) has no hair.
Me: No, he doesn't.
E: You have hair, Momma.
Me: Yes, you do, too!

(randomly) E: I eat boogie!

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