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Fun with Cornstarch Packing Peanuts

Look what arrived at our house this week!

Well, not ONLY those packing peanuts.  Inside the box was a new portafilter for Dadda's espresso machine, but E was more interested in the packaging.

"Poc-corn?," she asked.  "I yike poc-corn!"

I came into the kitchen as my husband was explaining to her that it wasn't popcorn.  Then he started showing her they were made out of cornstarch so they would dissolve.

Impromptu project!  Everyone outside!

E wasn't too interested in building with them (which you can do my dipping your finger in the water and touching the end of a peanut, then sticking two together).  So we mostly just had sensory fun watching them dissolve.

Mush, smash, stir, squish, plop!

Yelling inside to Dadda about how they are changing, she said, "What happen?  Mix 'round, 'round, 'round?"
(her nose is still orange from a face painting activity earlier in the day)

Pretty fun for no planning on my part!

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  1. I had absolutely no idea that this could be done. See, even at 30, you learn stuff.

    And when did her hair get so LIGHT?!