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Introducing Nonfiction Books to Toddlers

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I recently taught my last Play & Learn class for the spring on insects.  I discussed introducing nonfiction books to toddlers and preschoolers by highlighting these tips:

- Schools are putting more emphasis on non-fiction reading and writing.  It's important to engage your child's interests by introducing them to non-fiction books at a young age.

- Non-fiction books with photographs (or realistic simulations, in the case of our dinosaur book) are new and exciting to children because they differ from the majority of the books that are explored at this age (which are fiction with illustrations).

- In kindergarten, we used the terms real and fantasy.  It is also important to categorize the same books as fiction and non-fiction.  Use the words "real," "true," and "pretend."

- If the non-fiction book your child selects has too much text on a page, pick out a few facts to read that will hold  their attention.

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  1. This is a great way to introduce young kids to non-fiction early. You're right that schools emphasize non-fiction/informational texts now in later grades. Common Core Literacy standards have brought lots of change to reading education. Thanks for the tips!