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Doing My Best was inspired the first time she received a Crappy Day Present from a friend.  She now organizes a Crappy Day Package exchange. The current exchange is closed for sign ups, but it will be the second one I have participated in.  They are so. much. fun. both to make and send and of course, to receive!

Here is what I got for my CDP exchange back in May from Sandy.  Contents included:

Super cute packaging!  Glitter nail polish which I've used on both E and myself.  A sweet note.

A super cute zippered pouch (from etsy!) that cheers me up just by looking at it!  I told her I loved anything to help with organizing.

JEWELRY that she hand made!  First the purple chain ring that fits nicely above my wedding band (I wear my engagement ring on the other hand).  

Rainbow inspired necklace and bracelet!

 I didn't tell her at the time that I was pregnant with my rainbow, just that I loved rainbows and this is what she sent!  It was fun to wear both before and after we told people we were pregnant as a little reminder of how lucky we are to have the baby.

Edited to add:

I almost forgot the edibles.  These delicious salted caramels and an Archer Farms coffee drink.  Yum!  

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  1. Oh, what a great package! I especially love the things she MADE for you =)!