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A Visit to the County Fair

We began our homeschool preschool unit on farm animals by spending the morning at the local fair.

I took E's picture with as many of the animals as possible.  She included her signature wink in some of the pictures (see above).  

I made a predictive text book with these photos.  Each page has a picture and a repetitive sentence like so:

E is with a sheep.  

E will be able to practice reading behaviors such as:
- pointing to the words in the sentence while we read them
- identifying her name and the letters in it (her full name will be used in the actual book)
- using the pictures to help her read the last word in the sentence, which will be the only word that changes from page to page

As she gets older, we can start to identify and highlight the sight words.

I will also use other predictable text books for our theme on farms, but I think this will be a favorite because the winking star of the pictures will be reading the book!  

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  1. Does she do the "extended wink", where her eye is closed for like 60 seconds? Emily used to do that, I miss it!

    E is always so well-dressed and her hair looks great. Love the litte whale spout ponytails.