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Farm Fiction and Non-Fiction

I was shocked when I realized how many books we already owned about farms!  Fiction was covered!

We had:
Farmer Brown Sheers His Sheep: A Yarn about Wool by Teri Sloat

We visited one of our local libraries to check out a selection of non-fiction books.

E is more interested in the non-fiction books, asking me to read them to her more often.  I summarize the text a bit if it is wordy or above her level of comprehension.  

Since this was our first theme, I sorted the books into fiction and non-fiction for her.  She has access to both, but when she picks one out, we discuss if it is pretend or real, silly or teaching us something.

She loves studying this diagram of farm life.  We've discussed many times who and what is in the picture, what their roles are, and what we use the silo, tractor, and barn for on a farm.


  1. I know that there are some fantastic farms where you are, but you guys should really plan a trip in the next couple of years to a very magical farm on a very magical island in a big river, with friends there who already love you, who have chickens, and we'll have goats. Farms are wonderful, and I would love to teach E how to gather chicken eggs:) <3