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Our Other Violet

By Devany | Labels:
Happy birthday to another beautiful little girl named Violet who I am sure is the very best friend of our Violet. They share a name, a diagnosis, and a birth year.  They brought their mommies together via the internet and I hope to meet her some day in person.

A & F,

There are not words to express my sorrow for the fact that she is not here with you today, but we celebrate and love her with you from all over the world.  You are beautiful parents to her and your strength this past year has been an inspiration to me.  Just as you lit your violet candle when our Violet passed away, we will light ours tonight to celebrate your gorgeous daughter.  I hope today brings you peace and comfort.

I love you!

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  1. God bless you both, and how sweet to know that your Violet's are up there playing around together! <3