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Letters, Letters, Everywhere!

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E has really taken off in her letter naming abilities.  I'm not sure if this is because of our more concentrated focus on them since we started preschool homeschooling or if it would have happened at this age anyway.  Regardless, I love it!  I told myself that if working with her in an academic way was a struggle for us, I would stop.  I was still always secretly hoping that she would be like me when I was little, wanting to "play" school, and thinking that workbooks were cool gifts.  Right now, this is fun for us both, so we are rolling with it.

She is picking out letters wherever we go.  We are lucky enough to live close to Hershey, home of the original chocolate factories.  Driving past the other day, she said, "Look, Momma!  ABCs!  I see an H!"

As I type this, she is sitting beside me, naming the letters along with her Leapfrog: Phonics Farm DVD.  

She always wants to know a word or name that starts with each letter because this is a way to make the letters meaningful to her.  She will say a letter, then ask, "For...?" wanting me to tell her a person we know who has a name that starts with the letter.  I need to start a list because we have people we love whose names start with U and X, but Z is stumping me.

Yesterday, at snack time, she told me that this pretzel looked like a D for baby D (her little brother).  She was so proud of herself for finding a D and making this real life connection to what it represents!  

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