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E is constantly giving us new parts of her like tiny gifts to unwrap each day.  She says a new expression, learns another song, takes on new interests.  We are always getting new glimpses at the facets of her, my husband and I glancing at each other over her head with our eyes wide in wonder. Where did she learn that?

There is so much anticipation surrounding baby D.  Who will he look like?  Will he nurse and sleep like E did?  How will he be the same?  How will he be different?  How will we learn to parent a boy?

I'm looking at Violet's pictures and videos this morning, searching for something I haven't seen before.  I just told a friend last week that I knew her so well, even after only 2 days.  That's true.  I definitely absorbed the whole essence of her being.  She lived like a star that was burning out, so bright, so powerful, so quick.

Yet, today it is not enough.  My heart aches for something new from her.  I want more.

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