Preschool in Pajamas | Still Playing School

Preschool in Pajamas

One week in and we are LOVING our homeschool preschool routine.  E asked for "school" today.

We are sorting farm animals by size in our jammies.

We tried some line tracing for fine motor practice, but these diagonal zigzag lines were way too tricky.

This was so easy to adapt.  I pulled out this scissor practice page with vertical lines and we used that for tracing practice instead.  She rocked it.  

She loves tracing her name.  I use highlighter as she helps me name the letters in order, writing them one at a time.  

She even traced the E on this Elmo page, insisting that it was an E "for me!"

We also had some learning in our non-structed play this morning.  I was coloring Rainbow Dash, my favorite My Little Pony (what?!!) and she was helping me name the colors in the spectrum and finding the crayons for me.

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