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Capture Your Grief - Days 17, 18, 19, & 20

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I'm so far behind.  I can't even begin to explain how tired and sore this pregnancy is making me.  6 more weeks.

Day 17: Anniversary, Birthday, Due Date

We haven't had any of these (yet) except for her due date, which was uneventful for me since I knew she'd be an early, planned c-section.  After her birthday on November 2, I'm sure I'll write about what we do to celebrate.

Day 18: Your Family Portrait

One of the worst things about losing Violet is knowing that we'll never have a complete family portrait again once D is born.

Day 19: Project

Our fundraiser was a great project for me in the early months of my grief.  We are hoping to have something again this spring, but it will probably be a bit smaller due to having a new little one keeping me busy, too.

Day 20: Charity

The charity that we are raising money for in our fundraisers is Sustaining Grace, which provides non-medical 3D ultrasounds for families who are pregnant with a baby who has a fatal diagnosis.  This picture is from our ultrasound that we received from them.  Look at her smile, safe inside me!

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