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Capture Your Grief - Days 8, 9, & 10

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Day 8: Jewelry

I am very fortunate to have quite a bit of jewelry gifted to me in memory of Violet.  I have a purple bracelet that Susie made me, a purple bracelet with E & V charms that Alisha's mom made me, a purple and silver bracelet that Amber got me with Violet's name and dates on it, initial rings for all three of my kids from my sister, the memorial wrist bands we had made for Violet's fundraiser, the momma necklace I ordered with E and V's names that Violet held, and this necklace that Melissa, Dawn, and Megan got for me with her actual foot print on it.

The jewelry comforts me so much.  I love collecting it to carry her with me each day again!

Day 9: A Special Place

The room where she spent her whole life.

Day 10: Symbol 

A logo that Karen made for us for the fundraiser which encompasses all of the symbols that remind me of her: a violet, the color purple, her sweet feet.

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