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Dear E,

I can barely believe it's been three years since the day you made me a momma.  I can't remember what life was like without you.  We often joke, "What did we do before E?"  The world must have had a lot less sparkle!

You are such an amazing person.  You've taught me about myself and love and life in your short time with us.  I've been inspired by your curiosity, impressed by your intelligence, and comforted by your kindness.  

You are hilariously funny with a sense of humor beyond your years.  You love to intentionally make us laugh. You're very good at it!

I love watching you interact with Daddy.  You have such a special relationship with him.  I listen to him explain everything patiently to you no matter how many times you ask, "Why?"  You jump up and down waiting for him to come home in the evenings.  You are his whole world and he is yours.

I've said it a million times, but you're an amazing big sister.  You are so gentle with baby D.  You remember Violet with such innocent sweetness that it helps to heal my heart.  I love watching you with both of your siblings.

You're learning what it means to be a good friend.  You love to hug your best buddies.  You talk about them every day and cherish the times we get to be with them.

Your imagination is blossoming every day.  I observe you play, hearing what you name your pretend friends, and listening to your conversations on your phone.

You are strikingly beautiful.  I marvel daily about the little details that make you who you are.  The pieces of you that I first discovered and kissed three years ago are just as amazing today.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.  I love you so much that my heart jumps at the sight and sound of you.

Forever and ever,


  1. Happy Birthday E!!! What a beautiful post & pictures. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, little E! The world undoubtedly has less sparkle before she was here <3