January | Still Playing School


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All I can do is bullet points, because who knows when the kids will wake up.  No pictures, sorry.  I can't think in complete thoughts most of the time anyway.  I actually had to THINK about who had the right of way while I was driving the other day.  A split second thought to something that usually comes to us naturally and I realize how much my life has changed (or how little I am sleeping).

  • D is a joy.  He is gassy and has silent reflux and diaper rash.  He needs to be in almost constant motion on his bad days just to stop him from screaming.  BUT.  We are all eating him up (literally) and enjoying getting to know him.  He has started to smile and coo on his good days which just about makes up for everything.
  • I am constantly looking from E to D and wondering, "How was she ever this little?  How did she get so big?  Who will he be when he is 3?"
  • E's independence and humor astounds me.  When I have someone who is now depending on me for every little thing, the sound of her opening the cabinet to get her own snack and a bowl makes me want to sing a song of celebration.  She makes me laugh intentionally and unintentionally.  She is so FUNNY.  And patient.  She is so patient with how much I ask her to wait now, tell her I can't do things because D needs this and that.  She is amazing and I love her even more now.
  • V feels closer and further away at the same time.  Sometimes I feel like she is here with us because our family feels complete and other times her absence takes all the air out of the room
And that's it.  They are both waking up simultaneously.  Impressive!  

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