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E's 3 Year Old Interview

By Devany | Labels:
How old are you?  "I 3.  My birthday was at Chocolate World. (She continues on to name all the guests.) There was all the people go on Chocolate World ride."

What is your favorite color?  "Pink. What's your favorite color?  What's Daddy's favorite color?  What's Lauren like?  Probably her like green."

What is your favorite animal? "A unicorn, a rabbit.  What's your favorite animal?  What's Daddy's favorite color?  What's Daddy's favorite animal?  We have to ask what he likes.  Probably he say, 'I like snakes.'"

What is your favorite book? "Waterslide." (no idea what she is referring to) "I have lots of books upstairs.  It's a library.  No, it's a school."

What's your favorite tv show? "Drake Josh.  What's your favorite TV show?  What's Daddy's favorite show?  I like to watch that with my daughter.  What's my friend's name?"

What's your favorite movie? "Drake Josh.  What's your favorite movie?  I LIKE THAT, TOO!"

What's your favorite song? "ABC's.  What's your favorite song?  Why you laughing, Momma?"

What's your favorite food? "Candy!"

What's your favorite drink? "Milk.  And juice! What's your favorite drink?  What's Daddy's favorite drink?  Daddy likes coffee."

What's your favorite breakfast food? "Dinosaur eggs." (oatmeal with dinosaur eggs in it)

What's your favorite snack?  "Fruit snacks. What's your favorite snack?  Your favorite snack is coffee and cookies."

What is your favorite outfit?  "Violet's shirt (seen here). What's your favorite dress?"

What's your favorite game?  "Hi, Ho, Cherry-O."

What's your favorite toy? "Cowie!"

Who is your best friend? "Everest!"

What is your favorite thing to do? "Play with my mom!"

What is your favorite thing to do outside? "I like to play with Mutti outside. Or play ball."

What's your favorite holiday? "Easter bunny.  I like Easter bunny.  I like Santa!  What's your favorite holiday?"

What do you like to take to bed at night?  "Cowie!"

Where is your favorite place to go? "Five Stone! And Let's Pretend!  Those are my favorite places!"

What is your favorite restaurant?  "Five Guys.  I like Five Guys!"

Where do you want to go on vacation? "To the beach!  I go to beach with you, Dadda, and D!"

What do you want to be when you grow up? "A cat.  I want to play with Bean.  Momma, what you like to wear?"

Idea and questions from Lansdowne Life


  1. :) So. sweet. I could just eat her up. Not really. But you know what I mean. <3