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Play Time 2.0

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Play time looks different now.

On one side, E (with lipstick on) playing in her corn sensory bin.  Nannie gave us the extra corn after she made this bin for E's friend X.  There is nothing better for a tired, un-creative momma then practically getting a sensory bin handed to you!

I added some calico corn (sorry, but I don't like the term Indiana corn) that we could pull off of the cob, tweezers, spoons, containers to scoop and pour.  We talked about sounds.  Dropping the corn back into the bin sounds like popcorn popping or rain.

This was a great afternoon of fine motor practice.

Meanwhile, D was on my other side exploring his play mat.

Life is so much better now.


  1. Do you know where/how you get the dried corn? There was a sandbox style bin at an event we went to recently and my little guy loved it so much I'd like to recreate a small one for him.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      We get ours with the bird seed in Walmart or Target! Thanks for reading!