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E's Makeover

By Devany | Labels:

The Princess Party manicure and pedicure was a big hit, so we decided to return to Erica for a haircut for E. I have been trimming her bangs myself since she was 5 months old and last spring I took a few inches off the length.  This was her first professional haircut!  Her hair was getting tangled on a regular basis, she was arguing with me about combing it, putting it in pigtails or ponytails, and washing it.  It was time!

Together, E and I checked out Pinterest looking for little girls' bob styles.  I wanted to go short while she will still allow it.  We settled on shoulder length for now (or as I referred to it: Snow White) but we may go shorter for summer.  I promised her we could still use headbands and clips!  We kept the bangs because to me they just define a little girl.

Erica was wonderful at keeping my non-cooperative girl entertained while she worked.

After she was done, E had a chance to style Cowie's hair with the salon's toys which she loved.

Like I mentioned before, The Pink Polish is completely kid and family friendly.  I appreciate being relaxed with the kids while I'm there.

Lastly, Erica added a washable, PINK chalk streak that totally made E's day!

I was not compensated nor did I receive a discount for this review.  The opinions are my own.  E and I are both thrilled with the results. 

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