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A Night for Violet

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Sweet Pea Project once again offered a night to heal bereaved parents' hearts this past Friday.  Coffee & Conversation with Catherine A. G. Bayly was an evening for me to mother my middle child who is no longer here with us.  

We had delicious food and coffee, Catherine read some of her own poetry and some pieces by others, then gave us several writing prompts.

Here is one piece that I wrote that night:

The Migration of My Heart

Geese calling to one another
above us they fly
in the pewter sky.

Beneath, I walk
with my two babies
always yearning for my third.

The birds
with miles traveled
are always drifting away
and falling back into formation.

Their smooth dance choreographed
by honks and calls.
Searching, checking, they migrate and return.
Their music is lonely and heartbreaking,
though they are together.
Somehow the sound comforts me.

Geese calling to one another
form a V
outlined in the gray, drab sky.
I find her there.

Photo Credits: Stephanie Cole

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  1. The thought of seeing your Violet in the V of the geese is so powerful, sad, and beautiful--all at once. I'm so glad to have met you.