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Color Word Lesson

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Today we used E's new markers to write color words.

Me: Can you find a purple marker so that I can write purple?  What letter do you hear at the beginning of purple?
E: P!
Me: Yes, watch me write a P.  Big line down, little curve.  

After we wrote all the words, I remembered a new color toy that D had recently received.  He was sitting by quietly observing, so we drew him into the fun!

When I press the button on the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Magic Paintbrush it lights up and stops by naming a random color.  I would show the paintbrush to D while it was playing music and flashing.

E would find that color word it stopped on.  Sometimes she would want to trace it.

It was an impromptu lesson that kept both the kids entertained! 

E's age: 3 years, 3 months
D's age: 15 weeks


  1. Interactive writing!! One of my favorite tools to teach reading/writing!!

    1. Me, too! Did you see the post I did last fall on modeled journal writing? We need to do more of that, too!