This Week's Meals: March 25 - 31, 2013 | Still Playing School

This Week's Meals: March 25 - 31, 2013

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First of all, a bit of an update. I adapted this recipe here to make the most delicious pizza ever.

In our version, I used a store bought (shut up) whole wheat crust.  I made the sauce with 1/2 cup real fruit strawberry jam and 1/4 cup balsamic glace which skipped another step since I didn't have to reduce vinegar myself.  I topped the pizza with cheese, bacon, and red onion (the recipe called for sweet onion), then baked.  Once it was out of the oven, I added sliced strawberries and cilantro.  We were all very happy that I made two of these.

So on to this week.

Monday - Marlboro Man Sandwiches, steamed veggies (E's choice)
Tuesday - Leftovers, Quinoa Avocado Chickpea Salad
Wednesday - Sweet and Sour Chicken, with extra sauce, broccoli, water chestnuts, carrots, brown rice
Thursday - Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup (sans chicken)
Friday - Leftovers and/or crock pot Vegetable Stew (from the freezer)
Saturday - MIL's birthday dinner
Sunday - Easter

Lunches - Leftovers, sandwiches, apples, bananas
Desserts - Quinoa fruit salad, Coffee cake muffins

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  1. Meal planning is exactly what I need to do, real actual meal planning - not just frantically trying to think of several things to cook in the next few days while I am at the grocery story. We are eating out WAY too much these days and with sports starting I know it is only going to get worse! Thanks for the inspiration to sit down and actually plan!