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A Day in the Life

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This will either being interesting to you (I love when people do these, so please do!) or extremely boring.


12 am - Sleeping blissfully.

1 am - D is awake, cooing.  I try the pacifier a few times, then give up. Bring him downstairs, plop him in the swing, turn on Craig Ferguson.  Change D's diaper, feed him, he falls asleep.  Take ibuprofen for my allergies since my whole face hurts.

2 am - Still tossing and turning, but falling asleep to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

3 am - Sleep.

4 am - Sleep.

4:20 am - Feed D, turn on husband's espresso machine to warm it up for him.  D and I both go back to sleep.

5:45 - D is up for the day.  I let him coo to himself in the swing for awhile and go back to sleep for an hour.

6:45 - AWAKE.  Move D to the bouncy seat.  Make coffee, take Claritin D, watch the news.

7 am - E comes downstairs, showered. (Husband was supervising her, so I have no idea when she woke up.)  Get her dressed from clean clothing in the laundry basket.  Give her juice and discuss alphabet soup for dinner, to her utter joy. (Thanks, Martha Speaks.)  Spend more of my morning than I thought I would spelling names with uncooked pasta while the crock pot warms up.

Yes, the C may be a broken G and the I is a piece of rice.  Shuttup, it was early.

7:30 am - D in Jumperoo. I drink coffee and start this post. E plays with a bulldozer as husband leaves for work.

8 am - Get D dressed, nurse him, put him in his swing for a nap.  Add leeks, sweet potatoes, and turnips from our CSA to crock pot soup, start laundry, start dishwasher.

8:30 am - D still isn't sleeping, so I transfer him from the swing to the bouncy seat where I bounce him while I work on some tasks from two meetings yesterday.  E watches Sesame Street.

9 am - D is asleep, E is playing quietly in her room, I am working on blog/social media tasks.  I successfully transfer D to the swing and go take a shower.  Two minutes in, E says, "D is crying and I don't know what to do.  I gave him his binky but he still cry."  I feel equal parts annoyance at the lack of at least a 5 minute shower and bursting pride over my girl who tried to manage the situation.  Out of the shower, holding D, E asks me to play with her in her room.  Child, I am not even dressed!  Get half dressed while D screams on the bed, take him back downstairs to bounce him back to sleep.  Meal plan while checking store sales while playing Squinkies with E while bouncing D as he naps.

10 am - Start hoping D will wake up since we have grocery shopping to do.  He's snoring contently.  Catch up on reading blogs, contemplate another cup of coffee.  E plays by herself with her pretend cleaning supplies.

10:30 am - Cowie (E's beloved stuffie) is clicking her pretend key remote to lock the car door and proclaiming that she's late for work.  I go to finish getting dressed, letting E pick out my outfit (pink, of course).  She helps me sort laundry.  D wakes up, diaper change, eats.  Kids bond while E finishes her snack.

11 am - Post office and library.

12 pm - Grocery store, where D falls asleep in the mei tai.  Baby wearers, how do you recommend emptying a full grocery cart at the register with a baby asleep on your front?  While I contemplate this, E makes friends with the elderly lady, Francis, in line behind us.

1 pm - Home.  Unload perishable groceries while D naps in the car.  He wakes up.  Make E lunch, turn on a show for her to watch while she eats.  More ibuprofen for me.  I feel like I got punched in the upper jaw/sinus area on one side.  Drink second cup of coffee. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.  Call Nana and catch up while feeding D.

2 pm - E down for her nap.  D is Not Tired since he slept on me at the store.  He resists all swaddling attempts and is sprung to his Jumperoo.  Next is one on one play time with Mommy and baby massage, plus more nursing.

 Also, proof that he isn't happy constantly, just about 98% of the time.

3 pm - Both kids asleep.  Packing Scentsy orders, eating lunch, emailing leads on babysitters.

4 pm - E is awake.  Snuggle one on one time, snack.

4:30 - D wakes up.  We all play doll house.

5 pm - D eats.  E and I attempt to eat the soup.  D freaks out for no apparent reason. E watches her Signing Time DVD.  I call Scentsy Consultant Customer Support because I'm locked out of my account.  On hold forever, so I empty the dishwasher.

6 pm - Put D in night time diaper, jammies, nurse again.  During play time he spits it all up on me, twice.

6:30 - Call husband to see when he'll be home.

6:45 - D is a fussy mess.  Husband gets home.  He eats and reloads the dishwasher.  I soothe D.

7 pm - D's asleep.  I go downstairs to hand wash the rest of the dishes to listen to make sure he's settled.

7:30 - Get in bubble bath with a cocktail.

7:38 - D's awake, FTLOG.  Reinsert pacifier, back asleep.

8 pm - Husband takes over E's bedtime.  I get online to type this, catch up on Survivor, work on summer preschool home school lesson plans, and help plan summer camp activities at Five Stone Kids.  E falls upstairs getting ready for bed, so I go up to help.

9 pm - D wakes, nurses.  Lay with E.  Take Ibuprofen, snack on blackberries.

10 pm - Watch Sons of Anarchy with husband.  D wakes up and nurses. (THIS is not typical.)

11 pm - Asleep.

11:30 - D is awake, nurses but can't fall back asleep.  We spend the rest of the night downstairs.


(The good news is after coming downstairs, he slept until 4 am.)

If you blog, will you do this?  I really love reading them!


  1. I enjoyed this and almost felt as if I was there with all of you.

  2. That was so fun to read!! As far as unloading the cart with a baby in a front sling and if the other kids aren't around to help, it's one piece out at a time while the other hand is on baby's sleeping head so it doesn't flop around.