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Ages & Stages Questionnaire from ODE

By Devany | Labels:
The ASQ survey is a resource that I used this week to assess E and D's current social and motor skills.  It gave me insight on some growing suspicions I had (more on these later) regarding different areas of development.

Created by the Oregon Department of Education and Early Intervention Programs, the test can be taken by residents in any state with results emailed to you.  There are 20 different surveys available, depending on your child's age birth through 6 years.

After you fill out the initial information, be prepared with your child nearby so you can check some of the responses to questions.  With E, it was helpful to have paper and pencil, a ball, and stairs nearby.  With D, I could answer all the questions based on what I've observed recently.

It can take several days to get the results, but we received ours within the same day!  You will also have access to PDF files of age appropriate activities to try with your child.

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