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Sparkle Dough for Fine Motor Practice

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Our latest sensory play was with what we are calling Sparkle Dough!  I found the recipe for foam dough, but instead of using food coloring, we added glitter!  

First, we gathered our ingredients on a blanket.  I had a bowl of water and a towel nearby for easy clean up.  Dollar Store shaving cream is the best!  

Next, we put equal parts shaving cream and corn starch in a tub.  I let E mix it up with her hands until it was packable (like a snowball).  We sprinkled the glitter in and mixed it up some more.

I really wanted to concentrate on working E's pinching (index finger and thumb) at the advice of an occupational therapist I consulted (for a future post!) so I made sparkle dough balls and let her pinch them apart.  I also asked her to make little peaks by pinching.  

I demonstrated how to make thumbprints by pressing (pinching again!) some sparkle dough in your hand.

Then I asked her to show the prints to me!  We also pressed the sparkle dough down flat into the bin to draw into it and make hand prints.  We drove some vehicles in the dough to make tire tracks.  

The sparkle dough probably would have kept pretty well in an airtight container. I thought E was asking me if she could put the towel in the water bowl.  When I said yes, she dumped the sparkle dough in!   Oh well, even though the dough didn't last as long as I hoped, when it was added to water it made an additional sensory experience!  


  1. I love the expressions! How do you get little bit to not eat it! Mine puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. So happy you linked this post!

  2. Neat how you used the dough to practice her pinching skills! Love how you rolled with it in regards to the dough being dumped into the water!

    Visiting from the 12 Months of Sensory Dough Link-up. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love how you incorporated that pinching practice! Clever! I will definitely have to try that with my daughter. I hope you stop by and join in next month for Cloud Dough. :)