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We Love Starfall

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Since the days when I taught in public and private classrooms, Starfall has been the hands down favorite for educational activities.  If you don't know about Starfall, you'll want to and if you do, I might be able to show you a few things today that you didn't realize were available (because I've just discovered them, too)!

With my kindergarten classes, we always worked on the ABCs section until they were proficient in their letters and sounds, then we moved on to Learn to Read.  Both of these sections are complete free.  The ABCs page works on letter naming, letter sounds, and both uppercase and lowercase identification.  Learn to Read provides sight word practice, phoneme blending, and word family games.

I had our (then) toddler first try out Starfall when we got our home theater PC.  She was 2 1/2 years old. Lately, we checked it out again and I stumbled upon new (to us) sections (that actually published about a year ago) called More Starfall.

In addition to literacy and reading, there are sections for math and songs/rhymes.  Like the other sections, it was easy for me to level our preschooler to what she needed to work on like numbers 11 to 20...

...and sorting by several attributes.

Starfall offers one month trials to anyone who requests them.  When ours expires, we'll definitely be subscribing.  To get your free trial, just email Starfall and ask (and let them know that Still Playing School sent you, please)!

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