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DreamScapes Watergardens Butterfly House Visit

By Devany | Labels:

We just completed our cooperative home school preschool unit on life cycles (primarily butterflies, frogs, and praying mantises).  A visit to DreamScapes Watergardens to explore their butterfly house was the perfect field trip to bring all we've learned to life!

We browsed the kids' gift shop while we waited for our friends.  The selection of fun and educational items tempted us both!

A praying mantis finger puppet maybe, since ours haven't hatched yet (and might not, ever)?  We also really loved the lightening bug puppet that lit up!

E checked out a book about the butterfly life cycle while I caved and purchased a wind up rubber band butterfly.  

The butterfly house exhibit was phenomenal.  Before we started, they did a great job of explaining the rules in a child friendly way.  Highlighting the importance of being gentle with the butterflies made our kids careful and compassionate as they entered the environment.  Tim, the volunteer you see here, was so kind and informative.  We were fortunate to be visiting while he was working.

Butterflies are cold blooded so they warm themselves on the rocks and the ground.  We were careful to watch where we were walking!  We got close enough to see one butterfly eating nectar from a flower with its proboscis.  

Two of our "students" got an up close and personal butterfly experience!  They were so calm and gentle with them! 

E said, "I think the butterfly thinks the flowers on my dress are real!  They are just pretend, buddy!"

E was watching butterflies emerge from the chrysalis box.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to some newly born butterflies!

We will definitely be returning a few more times before the butterflies are released on September 14th.  DreamScapes Watergardens is planning a celebration with activities for the kids!
DreamScapes Watergarden gifted us with a family membership pass to their butterfly house in exchange for writing this review, but, as always, all opinions and enthusiasm are 100% our own!  

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