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Home School Preschool Schedule & Ice Cream Dough

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We've revamped our previous home school preschool schedule a bit.  It's unanimous; we all love the changes!

9:30 Arrival & Welcome Work - Table work that can be completed mostly independently as the kids visit and the mommas catch up, unpack, and get ready (and make coffee!)
9:40 Calendar - Greeting song, month, date, day of the week song, yesterday, today, tomorrow, weather
9:50 Story - Themed book
10:00 - 10:45ish - Choice Time The kids are presented with three activities and circulate through them as they choose
10:45 Snack - Usually themed
11 - Gross Motor Play - Outdoors when we can
11:30 - Art/Craft
12:00 - Lunch

Choice Time has been our biggest change.  Since we hold preschool in our homes, the children expected to go have free play as they do at their play dates together.  Allowing them the freedom to choose between the educational activities we had planned for the day was enough control for us all to feel comfortable.

We just started our ice cream/popsicle theme so yesterday our choices were:

2. Ice cream number identification game from Gift of Curiosity played with a grown up to earn a scratch and sniff sticker

3. Ice cream dough

The recipe for the ice cream dough comes from Play Create Explore. We added food coloring and sprinkles, of course!


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  1. This is really cool! I've never heard of home school preschool before, but it sounds like you have a lot of great activities for your children! I really love the ice cream dough and I'm very tempted to make it...even though I don't have any children currently, haha.