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How to Gently Wash a Stuffed Animal

By Devany | Labels:

Cowie has had many adventures and desperately needed a bath this weekend.  She's taken spins in the washing machine before, but due to E's anxiety over this and Cowie's limbs and neck becoming more fragile, we decided to hand wash her this time.  

First we submerged her in lukewarm water.  "Not too hot," insisted E.  We put a bit of dish soap on a wash cloth and lathered it up.

Gently, gently scrubbing, I concentrated on Cowie's dingiest body parts.  She wears clothing regularly, so her face was the particularly filthy part.  

After lots of scrubbing, we rinsed by submerging Cowie in clean water.  I also ran her under running cool water.  

Rinse until the water no longer shows any bubbles.

We took her outside to comb her fur.  

Mr. SPS had a traumatizing childhood experience when he came through his backyard to find his lovey hanging by its ears on the clothes line.  To avoid this, I told E that Cowie was going to do some gymnastics on our drying rack.  She thoroughly approved.


  1. we are rather naughty :O He goes into the washing machine!!

  2. Wow! Cowie looks like a million bucks after his makeover.