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Sentence Building & Sight Words with The Little Red Hen

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I've been telling E classic stories at bedtime without a book to read.  She particularly loves The Little Red Hen although she despises the ending.  She wants the hen to share the bread so either the lesson is lost on her or she thinks everyone should share no matter the circumstances.

I found The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) at our library.  In this version, the hen shares the pizza at the end so the other characters offer to do the dishes!  E was much more satisfied with this story.  I loved the illustrations and the contents of the hen's pantry.

To practice the concept of word knowledge (knowing that one written word equals one spoken word) I made sight word cards for sentence building.  Manipulating the cards reinforced the one to one relationship. We read the story pausing when we got to a page where the characters protest, "Not I."  Together we built the sentences with our sight word cards.

When identifying an animal word (as a character name), E had to decode.  I thought it would be fun to add Cowie to the story, but E didn't agree.  Instead Cowie was a spectator with her name card beside her.


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