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Capture Your Grief 2013 - Signs

By Devany | Labels:
It takes a lot for me to see a sign from Violet.  I'm skeptical, but sometimes, she just makes it so obvious.  I joke about her rolling her eyes and saying to the other babies, "Sure, you can send your parents a butterfly or dragonfly and they know it's from you.  My momma, though, she needs a whole room covered in violets!"

Last spring, my husband poured his milk into his espresso next to a Violet Random Act of Kindness card and found this:

This summer, I poured E milk for breakfast and spilled some on the table and found this:

Mr. SPS said there must be something about the liquid that scientifically makes it fall into this shape often.  Sorry, Violet, you're going to have to be even more obvious to get through to your Daddy! 

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  1. I clearly remember sensing Eva's presence when I came up the stairs shortly after she died. However, since then, I haven't dreamed or felt anything. I wish I did. I'm a skeptic too. My son was running ahead of me in town last week and found a tiny pink feather. He said it's a feather from Eva. Skeptical me knew it was just a feather from a cheap boa.