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Recycled Packing Sheet Ghosts

By Devany | Labels:
I had this crafty invitation set up for E to create and recycle with a white packing sheet.  She was thrilled to discover it!

She jumped right in to start drawing some of her own ghost shapes. 

This craft was the perfect way for E to practice her scissors skills on a sturdy material that wasn't too difficult to cut.  I cut around the ghosts for her while she trimmed off the excess.

The (washable) black marker came off on our hands so I'd recommend using a Sharpie.

Next E glued on eyes.  I love her scrunched up nose here!  The glue bottle worked her fingers and hand muscles!

To add variety, I had round label stickers out.  E drew feminine eyes for "ghosty mommas" and spooky, angry eyes, too!

 Here is the whole crew waiting to dry!  I strung clear, stretchy beading string through the tops so we could hang these as decorations throughout the house!

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