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21 Days of Gratitude: Support While Grieving

By Devany | Labels:

Joining other bloggers for the first 21 days in November, this post is part of the 21 Days of Gratitude series. Each of us will be sharing a quote related to gratitude with the purpose of highlighting the positive in each day.

Yesterday our daughter should have turned two, but she isn't with us any longer.  My gratitude for not only her 2.5 days of life in 2011, but also for the outpouring of virtual love and support is overflowing today.  It was a joyful day of remembrance.  Thank you for keeping us afloat when the burden gets too heavy.  Your words, thoughts, and pictures of Violet's name heal our hearts just a bit as we miss her year after year.

Will you hold your babies a little bit tighter today, smell their hair, and soak in an extra bit of thankfulness that they are here with you in memory of Violet?

Please join us each day as a blogger will share a quote (and sometimes an activity) with you.  The schedule is here with all of the info for you to join in.

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  1. Beautiful. Nothing to add, just...beautiful!

  2. So needed to read this. Thanks. (P.S. You must have an image lock on your website so I wasn't able to share your image. I just made my own using your quote.) ~Mari

  3. I had no idea about this! And what is crazy is who I just shared about for my day 3!!! I need to connect!!! LOVE!!!

  4. What a wonderful reminder to cherish every moment!

  5. That is beautiful. We need the darkness to see the stars. Sending love and hugs

  6. beautiful and vulnerable post. thank you.