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Snacking Santa Game

By Devany | Labels:

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The Snacking Santa Game came about the same way most of my ideas do.  After E ate the candy from her Skittles Santa that her grandparents sent her I looked at it to figure out how we could use it in educational play.

I added in a bowl of Christmas colored pompoms and our tweezers and the Snacking Santa Game was created!

I would say a size and color pompom and E would "feed" it to Santa.  She especially liked to make him burp after!  

While the tweezers are great for fine motor practice pinching the pompoms works, too!  Santa says, "Yum, green!  May I have a white one next, please?"

Next I used a hole punch and brown paper to make Santa's favorite: cookies!

I would tell E how many cookies Santa wanted to eat.  She would count each cookie as it went into his mouth to practice one to one counting!


  1. This is awesome! I want to find a Skittles Santa and try this out!

  2. So happy and proud to see you so educationally recycling the things we mail to her.