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Sun Catchers on the Light Table - Coloring Holiday Ornaments

By Devany | Labels:

Our holiday sun catcher ornaments were extra inviting to color on the light table!  

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We picked this set up at our dollar store (eight for $1!) but they are similar to these sun catcher ornaments. The set came with questionable looking paint that was difficult to get open so I broke out Sharpies instead!  E knows that those markers are special and usually off limits so she was thrilled at the chance to use them!

I put a paper towel under the ornament she was coloring which ended up being a good idea.  The marker would go through a bit, but it was easy to scratch off the surface of our light table since the paper towel absorbed most of the oops!

These ornaments had slightly raised divisions which reminded me of coloring those velvet posters.  This was create practice for E to hold the marker correctly, aim, and color small areas.

The ornaments turned into beautiful gifts for family and friends!  

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