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Love Potions: Color Mixing on the Light Table

By Devany | Labels:

Next up for our Show Me The Love series with And Next Comes L and House of Burke, we made love potions!  This was an invitation for E to practice color mixing on the light table.

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The tray included several different valentine shades of water colored with gel food coloring, plastic hearts, red hot cinnamon candies, colored chips, colored salts, confetti, and sequins.  Tools included droppers, a mini whisk, a small scoop, a test tube, and several different sizes of bottles.  

What stated out as color mixing ended up as so much more.  We learned about science as we discovered which materials floated and which sank.  The red hot cinnamon candy dissolved in the water.  There was fine motor practice as E pinched the droppers, stirred, scooped, twisted on lids, and shook up the potions.

This is definitely an open ended invitation that we'll revisit again soon!  It was so entertaining for both of us!

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Please join us back here all week for more Valentine's Day crafts and activities!


  1. I love this activity Devany!! E looks so focused! I want to come over and join! :)

  2. LOOOOOVE IT!! Pinned a bunch of times.