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Stamping Hearts with Recycled Coffee Cup Sleeves

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Still Playing School runs on love and coffee.  We combined the two for this art activity!  We stamped hearts with recycled coffee cup sleeves!  

When we're out and about I love to grab a latte at Dunkin' Donuts.  I am always looking at our trash to figure out how we can recycle it to learn and play like we did with our sight word coffee lid activity!  

This time we revamped our toilet paper roll heart stamping project from several years ago and tried stamping hearts with the coffee cup sleeves which worked even better!  

To make your own stamps, fold down one seam of the recycled coffee cup sleeve down into itself to make a heart.

We secured the top with two pieces of tape.  The stamps were the perfect size for little hands!

Once you make your stamps, you could use any paper and paint, but we decided to be adventurous by putting out several colors of paper and paint at the same time.

Using only two stamps in four colors of paint added a marbled effect to some of the hearts.

E experimented with color mixing of course!  Above she is blending some white with red to make pink.  My favorite was the black paper because the white hearts really popped off the page.

E announced which pages were for herself, me, Mr. SPS, D, and Cowie.  I might see if I can get her to spread the love and take some of these along when we deliver our annual valentines to our local nursing home.  

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  1. Oh those coffee cup sleeves worked perfect!!

  2. Love the look of the coffee cup sleeve hearts! Super cute Devany! :)