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Color on the Light Table

By Devany | Labels:
I am amazed at all we were able to do with simple colored sheets to explore color on the light table.  This might be my most favorite accidental light table supply ever!

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All credit for this supply goes to my sister!  We asked for light table supplies for the kids for Christmas.  In the amazing box of goodies she got them she included a pack of 48 cellophane sheets in eight different colors!  She admitted that she wasn't sure what we'd do with them. Who doesn't love the challenge of open ended play?

The sheets are shiny and transparent with the overhead lights on but if you illuminate them from only the light table below you get an amazing overlay color mixing effect.

Each of these photos is three sheets each labeled with their name.  Look at all the colors that are created!

What an amazing way to explore primary, secondary, and complementary colors!  

Here is a complete color wheel made with only six sheets!  The palette is so versatile we'll be sure to explore these sheets alone and with other materials again and again.  

We already used the blue sheets in our penguin small world play.  I love the way the color shined up through the real snow we used on the light table.  Even layering two blue sheets results in a deeper color.  

If you have a light table, I highly recommend these cellophane sheets for discovery and play!  I can't wait to see what you do with them!
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