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Penguin Small World Play on the Light Table

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Our light table transformed into a beautiful, icy penguin small world play area with a few simple supplies and real snow!

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Before we recycle any transparent plastic containers I brainstorm how we can use them for play and learning! We saved our applesauce and fruit cups to build ice caves and igloos for our Safari Ltd. penguins! We love Safari LTD Toob animal figures!  We've used them in our polar bear diorama, our Arctic ice simulation, and our investigation on why polar bears are white.  

These plastic cups are fun to stack anywhere. We are learning spatial concepts, balance, coordination, and practicing fine motor skills all while creating homes for our penguins!

I added blue cellophane sheets under a glass dish of real snow (which is currently abundant outside) for the most appealing antarctic glow! It really set the mood for our small world penguin play. If you don't have snow you could shave ice for the same sensory effect.

We were experimenting and investigating the water trails the penguins feet made as they slid on the "ice" of the light table!

E pretended this momma penguin dove into the ocean to catch fish for her babies.  We learned about penguins in our polar animal preschool unit so this free play invitation was an extension of that learning with imaginative and sensory play incorporated as well.

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